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7 Best AI Storyboard Generators of 2024

7 Best AI Storyboard Generators of 2024

7 Best AI Storyboard Generators of 2024

May 14, 2024

In this comprehensive guide, we evaluate top AI storyboard generators for marketing & creative professionals. Boords offers a user-friendly experience with pre-made templates, while StudioBinder provides extensive storyboard and production management. Storyboard Hero is notable for AI-assisted creation and hand-drawn options. Krock.io excels in collaborative features, and Storyboard That offers customizable options. Wonder Unit is a budget-friendly tool for artists, and Atlabs specializes in the end-to-end process. From AI script-to-storyboard-to-video conversion.

Each platform has unique features and pricing, tailoring to different needs in enhancing digital storytelling. Let's dive in:

1. Atlabs - The 5-min AI Storyboard & Video Generator

Atlabs.ai homepage

Overview: Bring your ideas to life with Atlabs AI script to storyboard generator. Streamlines the complete creative process. Ideal for quickly turning concepts into visual narratives, enhancing pitch presentations, and campaign planning.

  • Key Features: AI script generator, Generate storyboards in several visual style with AI visuals generator, Ultra-realistic voiceovers in 40+ languages, Transitions & Motion graphics, Background Music, Captions, Stock media integrations.

  • Pricing: Great free plan to get started with. $30-75 monthly plans for premium access.

  • Recommended For: Ideal for marketers, digital storytellers and agencies.

  • Gaps: Exports in .mp4 format, but .pdf not supported.

Atlabs AI can also generate full-fledged videos from your script in just a few minutes. Must-have if you're looking to share awesome-looking content collateral with your customers - even at the time of storyboarding.

2. Boords – The User-Friendly Storyboard Solution

  • Overview: Boords is renowned for its intuitive interface, making storyboard creation accessible to all skill levels.

  • Key Features: Pre-made templates, automatic animatic storyboard creation.

  • Pricing: $12- $24 per month.

  • Why It's Beneficial: Boords is perfect for marketing agencies looking for a user-friendly, efficient storyboard tool.

  • Gaps: Limited photo editing features, common templates, and lack of unique elements.

3. StudioBinder – The Comprehensive Storytelling Platform

  • Overview: An all-in-one solution, StudioBinder offers extensive storyboard and production management capabilities.

  • Pricing: $39 per month for the Premium version.

  • Ideal For: Large-scale projects requiring detailed storyboarding and collaborative features.

  • Gaps: Higher pricing, limited customization for individual frames.

4. Storyboard Hero – AI-Powered Script and Image Generation

  • Overview: Storyboard Hero stands out for its automated script and concept generation.

  • Pricing: Starting from $49/month.

  • Best Suited For: Agencies needing quick, AI-assisted storyboard creation with the option for hand-drawn images.

  • Gaps: No free plan, but a refund guarantee is offered.

5. Krock.io – Streamlines Collaboration in Storyboarding

  • Overview: Krock.io specializes in real-time collaboration, boasting a vast template library.

  • Pricing: Free trial, then $15-$50 per month.

  • Target Audience: Teams seeking a collaborative storyboard tool with voiceover generation.

  • Gaps: Limited customization.

6. Storyboard That – The Versatile Storyboard Creator

  • Overview: With its extensive library, Storyboard That is ideal for creating diverse visual narratives.

  • Pricing: $14.99 per month for business.

  • Recommended For: Educators and marketers looking for customizable storyboard options.

  • Gaps: May not offer comprehensive photo editing, generic templates.

7. Wonder Unit – The Artist's AI Assistant

  • Overview: Free and user-friendly, Wonder Unit offers AI technology and freehand drawing tools.

  • Best For: Independent artists and small agencies needing a budget-friendly storyboard tool.

  • Gaps: Limited color scheme, small description text.

Choosing the right AI storyboard generator is a strategic decision that can significantly enhance your agency's storytelling prowess. With tools ranging from user-friendly platforms like Boords to AI-first platform like Atlabs, the options are diverse. Which storyboard generator will best narrate your brand's story?